Friday, September 10, 2004

coughs and sniffles

A week has gone by and the head is still heavy. The nose blocked. The AC blasting over my frozen head and chilling me to my bones.
I am not sure who I have to thank for this state of misery... my colleague who sniffed loudly and proudly beside me or the woman who did my maiden pedicure that evening. She bent over my poor toes, trying to scrap off stubborn skin and file my nails into shape, and hit back her head every minute and sniffed long and loud. And said "Aah, this cold!!"

So it's been a week of work at office, of passive interactions at home and massive reflections over all. I have dreamt a lot. In my sleep and when I have been awake too. I am scared to search for interpretations... sometimes they leave me with a nagging feeling for most part of the day...

The good news is tomorrow my childhood bumchum arrives from Del with hubby in tow to visit us. I am looking forward to the late night talks and an encore of all that we did as kids... There would be a lot of late nights, of course, though I suspect they would be all outdoors... showing them about town, taking them to our favourite places... giving them a taste of our city, our life...

Aaaah... the weekend and the next week sure promises to be fun...!


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