Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Rains uninterrupted

Rain is lashing hard and tearing the city apart. In the afternoon, we went for that lovely walk in the enchanting garden. Dripping wet, we got back to office and proceeded to watch the downpour and flood taking over. Some people living further off sensibly rushed home early, but unfortunately are still stuck on the road somewhere even 8 hours later.

Phones have been jammed since 2.30pm. We hear the local trains have stopped. We see the flood water flowing almost like tsunami waves and hear every road is choc-o-bloc. Our office bus drivers absconded, some with the buses. So dripping wet once again, we resigned to spending the night in office. A safer bet than being out in the torrential rain on our own. No elevater, so trudged up 5 storeys of slippery staircases. The cafetaria is running out of food. The smart ones among us order chinese delivery.

The staid office with chromo walls and black ceiling has suddenly changed character. Loud, otherwise unheard of, laughter ringing in abundance. Projectors used for presentations are being used to play movies, on the chromo walls. Bunty aur Bubli, Sarkar... on the 5th floor, english movies on the 6th floor. Bean bags have been dragged out of coffee rooms to make comfortable seating for the movie.

Colleagues who are part time couples in office are settling down to this blessing of a night together...

Some losers are actually using their time to work some more...

I managed to finally get through a distressed hubby who had called the rest of the family in panic and managed to get everyone worried. Sis, who after being stuck for one and a half hours at the same signal, turned to go back to office again, for fear of fuel dying. Bro who took 5 hours to cover an otherwise 15 mins drive. But all are safe. Thank God.


Anonymous Kahini said...

Yep, all safe. Good.

4:43 am  
Blogger Prerona said...

hey, it hasnt rained here in ages. even when it does its not like there. u take care girl

9:52 am  
Blogger WA said...

Wow Take care Anumita. Glad everyone is safe, sounds like a lot of fun too....movies, bean bags etc.

11:03 am  
Blogger Rat said...

oh my god.Sounds quite crazy. Glad to know your safe and blogging !!

12:12 pm  
Blogger Stone said...

Hi!! thank God allz well with u n ur family.
Hope u got required rest despite lurking collegue on look out for newsletter masala.
:-) @ part-time office couple..interesting term!!!

hope normalcy returns there soon, take care!!!

12:34 pm  
Blogger venkat said...

Good,Anumita.You are all safe.Hope you got home,slept well and had good rest.Probably,this happens only in Bombay in India.

12:53 pm  
Blogger Swathi said...

bin reading a lot 'bout Mumbai floods!
hope u return to ur safe abodes(home) soon

12:53 pm  
Blogger hope and love said...

its raining here now.. i simply love it..

2:34 pm  
Blogger transience said...

glad you're all safe. rain can be both beautiful and a bother.

3:00 pm  
Blogger gulnaz said...

i have been following the monsoons story since last night on the telly and it really seems amazing, something out of a movie. actually i wont be surprised if they did make a movie with a murder, an extra marital affair, a terrorist angle and not-to-forget the item no. soon. :)

glad to know you are all right, was thinking of all the people i know in bby, wondering where they must be stuck.

was imressed when the top guy from reliance energy came on cnbc to say that they have shut off the transformers to protect the consumer and that the hospitals are still being provided for by them. this kind of think is unimaginable in this ratty town!

bby really does have a unique, kicking flavour to here is to you mumbaikars!

stay safe, stay warm, stay dry and be good! ;)

5:00 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

hey there take care.. rains have been sporadic here.. rocks was telling me about mumbai rains.. I hope you have reached home safely now..

5:01 pm  
Blogger Ambuj Saxena said...

Pray that some of the rainfall gets deflected to mini-Bombay (Indore) also. This place has been draught struck since the past 5 years now.

8:17 pm  
Blogger Parna said...

lol.ed at the "some losers are..."

good to know all are safe. and hopefully you are nice and warm right now.

10:37 pm  
Blogger Pradeep said...

what kind of freakin nerds would work in such a mayhem. Glad everyone's safe.

1:17 am  
Anonymous Ash said...

Glad to hear you're safe and sound... take care and enjoy your improptu picnic !

4:49 am  
Blogger Nupur said...

I read about Mumbai rains everywhwre. Hope ur okay!!

LOL! Some losers are working and u r blogging? ;)

8:13 am  
Blogger venkat said...

Anumita,I was watching today on BBC about floods in Bombay.I did not think it was this bad.200 died and so many people homeless. I am really very glad that you are all safe. Take care of yourself.

12:33 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:25 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

Thank you all guys. Am home safe and sound. Though there are so many others still stranded on the roads, etc. It's distressing.

7:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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