Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bodily epiphany

These days I feel like Cleoparta herself. No seriously.

The reflection of the body that looks back at me from the bathroom mirror reminds me of the statues I had seen in Egypt. The best reflection is the gym mirror's as I see an immediate effect. I feel like Salman Khan himself as he pumps up before a shot and flaunts a bare, oiled body. And I feel a strange contentment. I refuse to look at the face for I will be flung far away from Egypt. But the body, yes.

The statues were so real life. Completely womanly with a little stomach that's by no means wash board flat. Little graceful imperfections. Sometimes even a slight slouch that only a woman can perfect. And yet so proud of it all. So unlike the impossibly endowed female statues of an Indian past. With impossibly huge bosoms, impossibly slim waist, impossibly well rounded behind and finally holding an impossibly seductive pose.

Statues in Egypt showed themselves off proudly. Quite like us. Or at least what we can aim to achieve. Lovely moments of lovely women, in a lovely era. Where life was filled with the best of food, games, wines, perfumes, clothes and healthy sex. None of which can be balanced today without the body and soul suffering the consequences.

And right now, I fear the body's taken over.


Blogger shub said...

:) so nicely put!

9:30 pm  
Blogger GratisGab said...

Yes I see the same in Impressionist paintings too...the nude ones often show a sizeable paunch and hips...very comforting indeed.

1:25 am  
Blogger Ashish Gupta said...


what was that?

the only thing that made sense to me was the last line - I would add the mind is taken over too :P hehehe

3:02 am  
Blogger n.g. said...

i actually like a bit of imperfection in a woman. its endearing. u know, things like, one dimple instead of two, maybe a chipped tooth, slight bit of love handles, but thats just me.

1:26 pm  
Anonymous sherriff said...

u still seems to be mentally present in Egypt

2:49 pm  
Blogger Swathi said...

now i must target Egypt in my travel itinery asap :) so that i dun suffer from the complexes of the mythical indian woman

8:51 pm  

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