Saturday, September 18, 2004

sun, sea, sand and songs...

Another week has passed by. This has become more of a Friday blog. Like at the end of the year, I try to live more and try to fit in more into the remaining days, I guess I try to do the same at the end of the week. That's when I meet my blog deadline too!

It's been a week of fun and frolic, of memories and nostalgia, of bonding and holding, of loving and sharing... there is so much we have been doing in this one week. After some confusion in picking up the Delhi friends when they arrived, it's been smooth. A birthday celebrated, with the cake cut and a jam session ending at 4am... long and longer drives... dining out, dressed up for a change (Delhiites sure can influence you)... going clubbing (though was surprised myself with the quiet scene here...) was trying to convince them there's more to the famed night life in Bombay, than these nightclubs sprinkled with a few casually dressed people enjoying some booze and music...

But the night at the beach was the best. It was a day in paradise. Finally they got to feel the sea around their feet. Something they had been asking for since they landed in Bombay! A beautiful drive... checked into Manori Bell... a swim in the sea... a shower... and we were ravenous! To play safe, I asked for noodles... and was found leching at everybody's plate filled with sea food. Then it was time to nap in the hammocks... But the cold sea breeze woke us up and we went to warm up with some basketball, badminton and table tennis. Watched the sun set from atop the machan. Went for a long long walk on the empty beach... the husbands sipped their beers and both of us girls walked further as we searched our souls and emptied our hearts.

Carrom followed before dinner and then it was back to the hammocks with the guitar and then atop the machan to watch the sea in the dark of the night... time stood still.

It rained hard in the morning and we slept late. But we did take a long leisurely walk after breakfast. We asked the same question we ask everytime, "Why don't we do this more often?" We will. We will.

Friends leave for Delhi tomorrow. After that, it will be back to our usual routine. Work. Play. Work. Travel. Work. Work. Till then, I'll make the most of their last night here. Tonight.


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