Thursday, July 28, 2005

The day after...

The net was down so couldn't post.

After a night of roaming around the huge office, I got home in the morning. Every different team corner had their own stories to narrate about how bad it was outside. I flitted looking for neighbourly faces. Someone I could talk about going home with.

Some desperate-to-go-home types went out in the night and thankfully came back when they saw how futile it was, though even more worried and drenched. Some tried getting in touch with the kids not knowing whether they got home from school. Some tried husbands and wives stuck in offices elsewhere.

I hopped into a colleague's car at 6am and we surprisingly made it faster than on other days. He dropped me on the highway. I walked for 10 minutes till hubby picked me up, relieved. The highway wasn't flooded but there were signs that it was bad not long back. Cars abandoned all along the roads. Some on their sides. Plenty of debris lying around. Steel and iron lampposts bent and broken.

Tired people were climbing into milk vans. Women holding their high heels and walking with sore feet. Red eyed people dressed for office just standing on the road, dressed clearly the day before.

I consider myself very lucky to have made it home. Suddenly I felt drained out and nauseated, and switching on the AC, slept for a couple of hours. Then we went out to pick up groceries and more importantly, try to get in touch with family and friends. My parents had not heard from any of us and were worried sick. Down in my building, it is grim, two boys have died.

The phones are jammed, there's no internet. But I am not complaining. We have water, we have electricity, we have enough food. But we are worried about my sis. No one's heard from her since yesterday. Both her cell phones are dead. Her office is flooded.


Blogger Parna said...

two boys in your building are dead!!!??? what to say Anumita. am glad that you made it safe. incidents like this makes us realise the value of life and here-and-now.

8:40 pm  
Anonymous Kahini said...


11:41 am  
Blogger Pallavi said...

I am sure your sister is fine.. and you have heard from her... we were trying to reach you.. no wonder the lines were dead... will call you in the evening.. sometime.. .I am glad that you are ok..

I am sorry about the boys.. poor souls..

3:41 pm  

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