Thursday, September 23, 2004

Life is beautiful

Such a beautiful day! Perfect weather... happy people around... all at their best behaviour too! It deceptively feels like Friday (beginning the weekend). That's when we normally see this kind of a day.
Maybe it's the effect of having the millions of Ganpatis in the city... at every nook and corner. Mumbaiites are being blessed!! With smiles on their faces and patience in their spirits... I too am feeling on cloud nine. No apparent reason... just like that.

Since we couldn't make it to a friend's house for Ganpati, after hazaar invitations and reminders, we have been told to make do, later, with the metal Ganpati statue they permanently have at their entrance. Today they will immerse Ganpati Bappa and we can well wait for a whole year now! I feel I am losing out on something precious. The thought scares me... what was I doing for the last five days?


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