Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Weekend 'thinkings'!

Like I planned, the 3 dayer weekend was for retrospection. And it was more for want of something exciting to do. Also it made me feel better that finally I am taking the time to think about myself, about decisions in life (there aren't too many to make). And I am good at convincing. Myself.

As I went about the usual weekend chores, I kept in mind there was an important task ahead. To think.

But I just couldn't get down to it. While cleaning out a drawer yesterday, I found an old diary and read through.

Deja vu!

A piece I wrote a long time back and felt totally in sync with again, yesterday...

drenched in thoughts
i feel so hazy
so doped and unsure
every bone in the body
is soaked and dripping.
of late, a confusion calls
and another races
to join it.
dancing in unison
they threaten to split me up.


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