Thursday, October 21, 2004

I don't open up easily. But when I talk, I talk too much! And it was more evident yesterday when I met up with a new friend. As we sat sipping steaming and chilled drinks in an ambience that helps you unwind after a day's work, conversation automatically veered towards relationships. And I took off.
I told her stories I haven't bothered to tell many. And it felt good. I hope she feels the same.

There are some relationships that leave such a bad taste in the mouth that even thinking of them makes you want to rinse out your mouth. There are some that makes you wonder if it was really you who behaved like that...

And then there are those that make you a better person. That make you want to live life and love life. No matter even if the person is no longer around. You think back and feel glad for those moments you spent together. And as you move on, you wish only happiness for a love lost, but a whole lot gained.

People change with time. So also likes, dislikes and perspectives. I know I have changed. For the better or worse, I cannot say. I think it has all taken a natural course and maybe I have arrived where I was meant to. Always.
I like to think I have been honest. For it's said "Never apologize for showing Feelings. When you do so, you apologize for the Truth."


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