Tuesday, October 05, 2004

tears in heaven...

The world has become a sick place. Now the latest targets of terrorism are children! How could anyone kill these angels?

Yesterday, plenty of innocent cherubs waited excitedly to catch their first glimpse of a train at the newly constructed railway station in Dimapur. That was when they were bombed dead.

Similarly in Tezpur, several helpless children, so full of life and energy were rendered lifeless in a matter of seconds. A bomb blast, of course.

Who can forget the gruesome pictures of the Russian seizure? Little children, trapped in fear, dying cruel death... the few who survived will need to blank out their memories to be able to live normal lives. Scarred for life. Physically, emotionally, spiritually.

My heart bleeds painfully when I think of all these mindless killings. My prayers go out for all the parents they have left behind, for all the years they have been cheated of, for all the blank years they have to face ahead.

Forgive us, little ones, for we know not what we do. May god take you to a better world. A world worthy of your love and your purity. Where your message of peace will be recognized in your ringing laughter. A world that will never let you shed a tear. A world where you will live freely and happily...


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