Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The weekend finally ended!

"Pujo" as the Bongs call it, came and went. But this time I managed to catch a bit of it. It started with wearing a sari to office... followed by a 3 dayer weekend, which I extended to 4 days by not showing up at work yesterday.
I told myself I deserved it. The last week extracted quite a bit of work out of me. I struggled to meet deadlines as I refused to give in to late nights in office. But I guess I am gonna lose the battle this week as I strain to complete long pending work.

The weekend,however, was a party. Every night was a new day! As hubby and I went pandal hopping, dressed in our neatest, we kept an eye out for the stalls that serve the most delicious bengali fare. A quick prayer and a quicker bow to the grand goddess and off we went following the aromas wafting by. We passed stalls put up to sell everything from computers to mobile phones to insurance policies. Finally we sighted the crowd around the food stalls.
All style went as I tucked in my gorgeous sari and dug into mughlai porotha with my bare fingers. Hubby fought hard with his inner self as he justified to himself, it was okay to eat Pujo pandal mutton on his vegetarian day.

The birthday party for the one year old on Friday was more than worth it, simply for the food! Hubby spent more time talking to the waiters and captain, than the host, and complimented so much that they were ready to pack him a bag of food. Then Saturday, was a girls night out. Sis came over and we went shopping. In the night we met another friend for a belated birthday dinner. So there I was, wearing my cosmetic lenses and driving with a blurred vision in the night, at 80 kph! Sis understandably was petrified!

Since hubby was working most of the weekend to meet a deadline Sunday night, I told myself it was only fair that I finally spend some time with him on Monday. So that explains the absence from work. And also an opportunity to free myself of some of the guilt at having been shopping like a maniac. And only for myself. Cajoled him into getting some shirts and a pair of sandals. Realised, again, it doesn't take much to keep him happy!

Now work of course requires me to become superwoman if I am to do it all and yet spend time with parents visiting for a week, tomorrow. And it feels good to know there are others who are equally stressed with pressure at work. Like a colleague who after days of continuously leaving the office post 2 am, has absentmindedly mailed in her resume to her boss, instead of the completed assignment. Not once, but twice!! And the boss, highly disturbed is asking around, with a white face,"why is she doing this to me?"


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