Friday, May 20, 2005

come to Bed with me...

Will you come to Bed with me?

Throwing this at unsuspecting opposite gender, seems to be the latest source of cheap thrills. So went to Bed. The Lounge, I mean. Surprised to find only pulsating music and... hold your breath... fresh air!! No smell of smoke greeting as one entered. People are learning to take care of their health or what?

Glad there are still people who love to dance. The lounge system is getting too much for me. Happy to see salwar kameez clad lady gyrating. Last Bed was in the news for refusing entry to women in sarees and salwars. Read 'under 21 not allowed' board outside and was amused to see little sardar kid sitting atop bar and head banging. Which home let the kid out? Could be the owner's.

Ate, drank danced, sang and laughed. Good place. Like it. Thank you.


Anonymous Stone said...

sounds wat time did u go there?

2:14 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

stone: What's strange? Walked in a little after midnight. BTW, I am talking BED b'bay, not delhi.

2:29 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha...there's one in delhi too..same 'the bed'! i remember getting some cheap thrills with the name!!
find the concept of a 'bed' lounge a little strange thou..


2:30 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

bips: Yes, I know about the del bed. So clarified with stone who is from del.
This bbay one opened much later. They promote it as a bar n lounge.

2:53 pm  
Blogger Weary Hag said...

Believe it or not there is a very swanky restaurant in NYC that features beds to eat on instead of tables. The concept was born in Europe I believe, but has now taken hold in the city here. I think it's crazy but a lot of folks (with a lot of money, mind you) are enjoying eating their expensive meal while sitting on a big bed. The place is huge and has about 25 beds, each with its own canopy and private area ~ but no funny business. :)

5:30 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

I read about this !! :) somewhere I dont remember.. its known for its wierd name.. some female asking in an Ad I think.. will u come to bed with me or something...

5:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a whole Sex and the City episdoe featuring 'The Bed' in NYC! :) It's the one where Berger breaks up with Carrie on a post-it note.. I know I'm a freak..


7:45 pm  
Blogger Simran & Raj said...

there's actually a pretty sexy song with the same catchy phrase.

does anyone need the mp3?

8:46 am  
Blogger GratisGab said...

Yeah this is getting around...there's this place here that asks if you want to "rent a bed" for a get a BIG one! LOL! Strange but seems to be working....

11:19 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

weary hag: 25 beds! That's huge now! Here we have about 5-6 beds. But there are other places with other names which do have beds you can loll on and have a drag of the hookah.

pallavi: Yup! That was the ad. When you guys come, we will go there.

ss: Welcome! I am sure there are many who follow sex and the city as religiously. I also watch but once in a while.

raj & simran: Welcome. You got any takers yet?

gratis: I guess anything new works. From chairs and tables to floors to bed... not sure what next... but am sure whatever it is, will work.

8:21 pm  

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