Sunday, February 03, 2008

the male power of driving

We take off on the road quite a bit. Sometimes it's a long planned out trip and sometimes we just drive off and go on and on, enjoying the feeling. Now even though I regularly drive to work and other places, when we go out anywhere together, it's always the hubby who's at the steering wheel. Unless he's very tired or had a drink, especially since the bombay cops are strictly on the lookout for drunk drivers.

The latest was a plan to drive to Goa for the carnival. Suddenly hubby asked if we should instead be flying down as it would be easier and comfortable too. Plane tickets in a day? Yes, they are available and reasonable priced too, thanks to the huge choices of budget airlines.

"But I still think it's going to be better if we drive. We 'll have the car to roam around there." I reason.

"Ya, I agree. But I was just thinking if I am ready to set out tomorrow morning and drive 11-12 hours straight..."

"You know, we could take my car if you want. I am used to it and I could drive halfway too."

"That's not possible. I am never comfortable when you drive."

"What do you mean? I have been driving much longer than you. And on an average I drive much more than you, in the thickest of bombay traffic!"

"I know you do. No doubts about it, I think you are a good driver."

"Then what's it? Why dont you trust me?"

"I don't know. But I never sit still when you drive. I am too nervous. I am always waiting for my destination."

"Nobody can help you then!!"

I think some men are just meant to be drivers and drive their woman around!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lucky me, she doesn't drive! ;)

4:45 pm  
Blogger Harshi said...

haha am familiar with that. many guys seem to kinda sit on the edge when a woman is driving. even if they don't show it fully but underneath they are uncomfy. some stereoytping going on? :-)

12:02 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny one, Anumita!! Liked it as ever:-)

2:33 pm  
Blogger Priyanka Mahanta said...

Lucky you. And u r still complaining...?!

5:49 pm  
Blogger Rocky said...

Well - we both have gone beyond that level. Now my wife does "back seat" driving to me. This is the phase after you stopped jittering and sit comfortably when your wife drives.

5:29 pm  
Blogger Stone said...

I'm always scared when wifey drives, and that fear is not imaginary....proof is on my blog :-)

12:08 am  

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