Thursday, October 28, 2004

I proved today that if I wanted to work, I could. At the speed I needed. It isn't that I want to work. But the ugly deadline glaring at my face isn't a pretty sight. So I sped through at breakneck speed today.

Right now, Mum and Dad are waiting at Cal to catch the connecting flight. And it's a long wait. They landed there at 1.30pm and have their flight to Bombay at 6.30pm. I can picture Mum sitting with a serious face and trying to appear calm. But in reality, she's waiting for the day to end. When she will be safely on land again. She just hates flying.

Surprisingly, the panic cleaning session that happens before every visit, didn't happen this time. I did my bit before rushing to work in the morning and instructed hubby to do his bit. That was it. Hey, am beginning to think, we are treating the house well and it doesn't need the extra sprucing before visits, anymore. Things have definitely changed. Mum's gonna be proud of her little daughter!


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