Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Here comes the season of lights and pretty sights

Once again, it's that time of the year when the air is filled with festive happiness. When homes are spruced, the lights are out, the colourful lanterns hang gayly and domestic helps get their acts together. It's the time when the smell of mouthwatering besan laddoos made in desi ghee, wafting from every house in the neighbourhood, drives you crazy!

I love this season. Actually, it starts much before with Ganesh Chaturthi, then comes Durga Puja and Navratri. Just when you are rested from long days of revelry, arrives Diwali with a bang coupled with sis's wedding anniv, which happens to be today. Then to fill the few days in between till Christmas and new year excitement, my birthday conveniently chips in, followed by bro's! And now all this is about to begin. It's here! It's now!

This time, I want to avoid shopping for myself. I had an overdose with too many people buying me too many clothes and stuff. And finally I feel I have enough! As long as the feeling lasts, I am going to use my money for other productive things! Buy gifts for my maid and her kids, buy little things for the house - diyas, scented candles, little sparkling lights to put on the balconies, lots of sweets to pass around, a few boxes for the orphanage near my house, take-home gifts for friends who drop in... Ahhh! It feels good thinking of all I can do.

At office, the mood is upbeat. Almost secretive meetings happening on both floors. Separately. Each trying to do better. Money collected and raw materials bought. The artistic ones are putting their best ideas and best hands forward. Cutting, pasting, painting as colourful paper crackers and lanterns are taking shape. By tomorrow, they will be done putting them up. The flowers will also arrive and vibrant rangolis will adorn the entrances. Some unsuspecting colleagues asked me to help with the rangoli. Before I could rejoice, they realised my skills weren't worth it. So I am generally hanging about, doling out useless advice and gigling hard with everyone.

I am also looking forward to the 4 day weekend. There's going to be lunches and dinners at home. Friends coming over, poojas, sweets, card sessions till dawn. Oh, how I love these times! I am against bursting crackers but it's never a lesser Diwali. Family, friends, food and fun... what more could I ask for? God has been kind. Touch Wood.


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