Saturday, January 01, 2005

a year goes by...

There are no parties scheduled for tonight. New Year's eve. For the first time in both hubby's and my life together. I cannot remember a night we didn't dress up all co-ordinated and hit party after party on new year's eve. No time when we didn't have friends around and eat, drink, dance and make merry.

It starts much before. The phone calls, the planning, the excitement. We take our time for the best option. It started this year too. And I am glad we waited. We didn't commit to anyone or anywhere. Celebrations just do not seem to fit in, at this hour.

It's not trying to be 'politically correct' as one friend asked. At this tragic time, somehow the will to party, the need to, is not there. It's of course a conscious effort to not burn an obnoxious hole in the pocket. The money can be better used in this hour of crisis, if we feel like spending. And we are not going to be any poorer or deprived for it.

Again I have nothing against all those who are going out and rightfully bringing in the new year enthusiastically. They deserve to, after a hard year of hard work.

I have no idea what we are going to do tonight. Oh my god! Now the thought of staring at each other's face at midnight is a little depressing! I think we better join a few friends who live close by and chill with them.

But the rest of the weekend is packed. Customary dinner on the 1st day of the year with hubby. Lunch on Sunday with the old gang. The bitches. How I am looking forward to that!

And the next week, I am off for a 3 week holiday. Hurray!! In freezing freezing land! Brrrr!!!

On that note, I write in my last post of the year. A year that came and went...
a year when I started a blog
a year when I made a few good friends... 2 Ps, to be precise
a year when I met the family more often
a year when I stuck to the same job throughout (consistency shining here!)
a year when I bought a house (okay, both of us together did)
a year when I put on weight unconditionally and unapologetically
a year when I lost a childhood friend to a whirlpool
a year that saw the tsunami disaster (I wish it didn't happen, but it did)
a year that has given some precious memories...

sigh...! a year that was like no other...

Here's wishing, the new year holds an abundance of dreams and their fulfillment for all. A year of love and peace.

A very happy new year, folks!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

have a lovely new year ... i wish you many blessings.
- +sinful+

10:25 pm  
Blogger Nikita said...

Another year has passed... It brought us good as well as the bad... Everytime, on the eve of a new year, we celebrate... we welcome... we hope to get another year full of hope! As Forrest's mother said, "Life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you get", let us hope for a happier and a safer year... It's unfortunate that nature chose this period to demonstrate her outrage via Tsunami... Hope the new year is peaceful and not as painful for all those whose family perished in the disaster... Let's not forget the dead... Wishing a "happier" new year to you and your family and friends...

3:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah what a year it was. all packed and jammed into 365 days of ups and downs and swirling around. but keep cool! wishing you and yours the best for this year and years ahead. have a blast!


7:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! All the best! Can you send me back your email addy; I can't find it anymore. You wanted to know about wicca, and I misplaced the email addy. Hope you don't mind giving to me again!


6:51 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

yo there .. we spent it at home with friends and family... mamon came in the next day been busy collecting for the relief and some travelling here and there... did not know how the year passed by :)

7:14 pm  
Blogger Akruti said...

Hi Anumitha,saw u many times at pallavi's blog, u know what,we share the names,my blog is alochana,u r name is anumitha,and there is one arunima,and one more,avlokana:)
have a great year and be happy,and welcome to my blog anytime:) and those were wonderful words u wrote there,thanks,keep smiling.

5:30 pm  
Blogger Insidemamind said...

Happy New Year to you too!

5:15 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

Sinful: Thank you. I hope you are doing well, feeling better and looking forward to the year ahead.

Nikita: Thank you. Yes, let's pray and do all that we can to help.

Angel: Hey Angel, good to see you. I hope you are doing good and looking for a great year ahead. Keep smiling, sweetie!

Neels: I think you write beautifully. Keep it up and wish you a great year ahead!

Pallavi: Even we stayed in after years. Had dinner with Prabal, Mona and Sameer. Is Rocky back? How's deuta?

Rockchix: Thank you. Get well soon and write in whenever you feel like. I have sent you the e-mail id.

inside_ma_mind: Happy new year, kiddo. Have fun!

12:04 pm  

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