Friday, January 07, 2005

my first

My first post of the year.

I am a sucker for any "first". Also any time or event that has any significance in my insignificant life or anyone else's.

I make a big deal of birthdays, anniversaries of any kinds, festivals or any occasion that takes my fancy. Anything that can cause a little excitement and happiness.

These days, there's been too much to read in the newpapers, too much to watch on TV, too much to discuss... at home... in office. Too much to grieve for.

Well, that's what most of us are doing. Of course, we are all ready to do more. And slowly, after muted celebrations and broken spirits, the world is looking ahead. To new beginnings. To a new year.

If there were resolutions that never got made, there was also a media that didn't need to cover glorified lives in the city, dancing away. There was more than enough to write about and report. Though must admit, it's good to see reports less severe. A sign of normalcy. A sign of human spirit learning to live. Time, they say, is a pretty good healer.

What now? Make more money... balance work and home... take more holidays... make more time for friends...

Within all this there is also a live-for-today attitude "all it takes is a wave" before digging into the extra pastry.

And I? A new year is always special. It's a future. To shape, to live, as we wish. These past few days, I have been letting the days live me rather than the other way round. Sometimes, the mind reaches an understanding to remain calm. And it does.

The holiday has been postponed by a week. Not to worry. More time to carry on this mood, in this mode! There is no sense of urgency, no hurry for anything. Do I really want anything else? Naah!


Blogger Pallavi said...

plan a hol to Bangalore.. we will take you cross country !! LOLOL

5:26 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

Pallavi: Your turn, honey! But we will come soon. Got to take a ride in the big car too.

6:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Anumita :)

a very Happy Happy New Year to you sweetie :) sorry if you smsd and got no reply. wasn't on roaming. totally cut off from the world i know. had a chilled time. herez wishing a ROCKING 2005 for you


10:01 pm  
Blogger Ad astra per aspera said...

Happy new year to you Anumita *Hugzzz

4:40 pm  

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