Thursday, January 13, 2005

white face

I hopped into a bus this morning. Lovely ride. In the crisp winter air, the bus sped through the tree lined road, sans any traffic.

There was something continuously hitting me gently on the head. On the right side. I turned to see a bag attached to a hand holding on to my seat railing. It belonged to a woman with a white face. She was looking at me... no, she was looking through me. A dazed look on her face. I let her be. And let the bag continue to hit my head.

As my stop neared, I got off my seat and went to stand near the door. Suddenly, like a hurricane the white faced woman stomped past me and got off the bus. And waited at the door. I got off and stepped into a waiting rickshaw. The next moment I realised, white faced has slipped in beside me. I looked at her. She looked ahead.

As I hesitated to ask her where she was going, she spilled out of the rickshaw, as coolly as she had got in!

Hello? Did I miss something here?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sweetie,

that's nice post you got. i wanna say something about you know learning through experience. i guess that's what i am into right now. aint gonna show how much pain or how happy i am. it's always internal. though smile comes or tears, i guess its just part of human cycle.

i do not know much about love. maybe i am learning.. hope i am.. :D

do you mind giving me your YM? well just buzzed me sometime.

YM: angelfloralscent

take care sweets.


11:09 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the way you write...simple yet you know very very direct. Something that I prefer but rarely find in the blog world.

On a lighter note maybe this white face is a ghost who is also a timid bisexual ;)

Before I forget I found your post on the hostel delightful. I was grinning throughout the post. Reminded me of my hostel days!


9:09 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

hahah so you had a questioning face ?? LOLOLOL

9:33 am  
Blogger anumita said...

Angel: I do not use YM. But you can mail me... left my id on your page.
Just enjoy your teenage. You will remember them as some of the best days of your life. Have fun.

Anil: Thank you. It means a lot coming from a writer as brilliant as you. Checked your page. Love it.

Pallavi: I had a face that didn't believe what was happening!

2:30 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good heavens!


1:27 pm  
Blogger Peeved said...

I hope I don't run into that white face ;).. Sounds scary to me..Especially never at 12 midnight.. and not after i have just finished watching the grudge or the ring ;)

11:43 pm  

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