Saturday, February 12, 2005

A lost size?

I am one of those who can look at clothes and decide whether they would fit me, sizewise. Of course, I try them on to make sure. What I always prided myself with was I CAN buy clothes by just looking at them, if I didn't have the time to go into the trial room and preen into the mirrored walls.

Among the various shopping done on a recent trip, there features 3 pairs of jeans and a tee. I picked up the jeans without trying them on. The first one was spotted hanging at the door. Stylish, low waist, no waistband and blasted dark blue. I had to have them! A size smaller and they would be perfect, I thought. But they didn't have another size. I clung to them and bought them anyway, before hubby changed his mind.

The next shop, I saw some amazing denims again. Great looking. And this time, just my size! The girl at the shop, a slim pretty young thing looked at me and looked at the denims I was holding. A little hesitant... "this isn't your size."

"Of course it is! I have been wearing this size since I can remember! Quick! Quick! Pack them!" Kept an eye out for the hubby who had gone on ahead and had no idea of the extra damage to his pocket.

She held the waist of the jeans and wrapped it around my neck. (Incidently that's how they check the sizes and fittings in that part of the country!) Don't know what she deciphered but she packed them anyways. I grabbed the packet, left the money on her table and ran.

The tee was a gift. In Delhi, while waiting for us to show up at a mall, hubby's cousin picked up gifts for us. His, fortunately, was a perfume which didn't require any specific size checks. Mine was the tee. She held it out and asked if it was okay or we could get it exchanged. After the "You shouldn't have...!" I finally held it against myself, loved it and announced it was perfect.

Once home, the horror began.

The bigger jeans bought earlier is the only thing that fitted me comfortably. The other two pairs just about make it up to my waist. After that it's a struggle with the zip, the button and mere movement. I was horrified. How could this happen?

And the tee... with me in it could be displayed in a museum! Chest stretched till the threads could be counted. Arms once lifted, looked like a wrestler's when brought down with the tee giving magnificent shape to the muscles. What a nightmare!

Other than dearest hubby, everyone has been assuring me I look the same. Not an extra ounce visible. Hubby, of course assures me, they are all lying. I, out of habit, never listen to him. In my case, mirrors have also lied. Or maybe I have stood before the wrong mirrors. Those ones that make you look thinner and so much better than you are. My friend, A, has one like that. Does wonders to the self esteem, if you glance at it before moving out of the house. Anyway I digressed.

Now I have just accepted a fact that I have not been admitting to myself. Mentally I am my old size, physically I have moved on. I need to bid adieu to my old size in clothes and look forward to a brand new bigger size.

Alternatively, I could start with eating out of need, instead of greed. Alongwith dragging myself onto the forgotten road to the gym.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brilliant piece, Anumita, it's zigzactly the same with me :(

btw, I'm moving back to Bombay so I REALLY identified with the last para of your previous post.


4:47 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

Anita: So glad to hear you are coming back home!
When? When?

6:02 pm  
Blogger Chakra Sampath said...


9:07 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the blog world and fun to read your posts again.I hope the Anita is not the same Anita from Bangalore that I read.

12:38 pm  
Anonymous /sinful/ said...

*hugs* i was happy to hear that you are back dear. and as for the shopping, i wouldn't worry about moving up to a larger size .... not all stores go by the same sizes (at least not where i live) so it really might not be you. *hugs again*

2:33 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey sweety,
nice to see yah back.. =)

went to shopping with my gal friends few hours ago and was really happy with it.

i got an upcoming Valentines ball my school is throwing. it's pretty crazy and exciting.

dont worry about the size thing. once you see some percent in my school, they are huge.. to think they are pretty young..

my mom is freaking also about getting big. lol! i guess any normal woman would do..

so sit back and enjoy eating..

love and hugs,

3:02 pm  
Blogger Pallavi said...

hahah !! yo there... i hate taking trials too.. SIGH.. and its time for e to shed those extra kilos too.. WAAAHH !!

1:03 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

Chakra sampath: :)

Rahul: Thank you, Rahul. Now that you mention, I hope I have got the right Anita myself.

Sinful: Thanks for the encouragement! I look forward to more of me... actually I hope I got a different store-different size her.

Angel: Thanks sweetie. I freak out and do nothing about it. So I guess I deserve it.
You have fun at you Valentine ball.

Pallavi: Time indeed. When do we start?

3:22 pm  
Blogger Vyom said...

First timer on u r blog.Felt nice to read what you have written.It gives a peak into a married females mind about dressing.

7:44 pm  
Blogger Ad astra per aspera said...

Hey Anumita,
Ahh the battles with the bulges. Neverending! LOl
P.s..Why did you remove the comment from my blog??

6:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, know the feeling all too well. But a few months effort and am almost back where I started! :P


6:52 pm  
Blogger Colors said...

Hi Anumita, came through Radhika's site. Lovely post...enjoyed every bit...very much in tune with what I myself have been going through.

12:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to be late.. but wish you had one blast vday!

our Ball went well. it was so awesome. it was like a night of princesses and princes. one word: perfect!

my mates and i had so much fun.

take care sweetie.

love and hugs,

11:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I clung to them and bought them anyway, before hubby changed his mind."
"Kept an eye out for the hubby who had gone on ahead and had no idea of the extra damage to his pocket".
These two sentences made me smile.How different Indian relationships are to American relationships! I came across so many couples that are married for more than 30yrs and keep their own separate accounts.Husband complaining about the wife that did not repay his money for her bill he paid and vice versa, daughter or son did not want to pay a small bill for the mother or father. After living in USA for so long, I still can not understand how they live together for so long and keep separate accounts.Those two sentences Anumita wrote sounded so sweet in one sense and also surprised me that she could write those unhesitatingly. Is that the way in Big cities like Bombay,Delhi and calcutta too? I read so much about the changes in relationships among Indians, sometimes much more than Indians abroad.This is why I read blogs in general and your blog in particular, Anumita. RAHUL

12:55 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

vyom: Welcome. Not sure if you can consider my views on dressing to be all married ladies'.

ad astra per aspera: battle has become a war now with me losing. Sorry for deleting the comment. I think I had put in something for someone else and realised it immediately. Hence...

Ph: I keep telling myself in another 5 years, I'll have the fittest body strutting around!! And do nothing, of course!

Colors: Thank you. Been following your blog too and love it.

Angel: Am so glad you have a great time on v-day. Enjoy, sweetie!

Rahul: We do have separate accounts too. Though his money is ours and my money is mine.:)You will be surprised in big cities in India too, people still love each other and do things for each other inspite of changes.
Anyway, isn't a husband meant to provide and protect?

10:04 am  

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