Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My 5 weirdies

At the rate I update the blog it's a waste passing on a tag to me. Here I will get on with the first of the two tags. Swathi tagged me into listing 5 weird things about myself and then passing it on to 5 others.

This wouldn't be interesting because all the weird habits or things in this house of two belong to only one person. And that person is not me. Tra la lala la. But I shall honour the tag and seek deep into my perfect self.

1. I always need curtains to be in place. When drawn, there should be equal distance between the loops and pleats. And guess who is always instructed to reach up and arrange everytime.

2. I eat with my left hand. I am never full if I eat with my right hand.

3. I still write old fashioned letters in hand. But strangely I never get down to posting them.

4. I am restless. I get up even in the middle of the night if I remember something like somebody using my bathroom and start cleaning it at that hour.

5. When my 7 month old niece is awake, I put her to sleep. When she is sleeping, I wake her up. (This would fall more under cruelty to infant than being weird, I think.)

Now the list has began, I can actually go on. But will not tag anyone. I will just ask people who are reading to give it a shot. It's a fine exercise, really.


Blogger GratisGab said...

No.5 has me commenting at once.

Mean, mean, sympathies are with the mother of the child, not so much the child herself. Gah...they sleep a lot anyway.

9:26 PM  
Blogger Priyanka Mahanta said...

Hey anumita thats such a good idea. Yours are not so wierd things I'd say...U'll tag me a complete wierdo if u hear my list...
1.I have to smell the food always before eating it (it does me half of the satisfaction involved)

2.I have to watch all the new movies in town that r showing in the theatres every weekend(even if it means watching them alone,or missing an appointment or miss showing up for a date...coz I'm addicted to movies & have a record of watching upto 4 movies in a day and none of my friends are game for it...moneywise, addictionwise,timewise or any other-wise)

3.I have to come up with a witty wisecrack on someone who is getting on my nerves and shut that person up.(I once told an irritating ex-boss to go and floss his mouth before talking to me coz I cudn't stand his stink any more. Surprisingly I didn't lose the job, but this habit gets me into so many troubles everyday, u can imagine)

4.I can't stand this one particular guy-called Simrat Singh who stays in my neighbourhood,works with me in the same org and is aligned with me in the same cab. I guess the feeling is mutual,but I have to go every monday to our transport department to get his or my route changed to different cabs.(I find him irritating to such an extent that i'v been doing this for over six months now as they don't have a permanent person to do the rostering)

5.I need to write down or story-tell everything with the minutest of details...which is extremely lenghthy, time-consuming and boring for my readers and audiences (but I just can't help it)

9:34 PM  
Blogger Priyanka Mahanta said...

Sorry anumita, I didnt realise my comment and list got so long...

9:36 PM  
Blogger Prerona said...

lo at 5 ... i used to love making kids / hearing kids cry - mean, no? probably comes from having a kid sister at disposal for free entertainment! ;)

vie, thats not for ur baby - i dont make kids cry anymore :)

11:14 PM  
Blogger Atul Sabnis said...

does that make you ambidextrous?

12:53 AM  
Blogger Chakra Sampath said...

Interesting indeed...

Just before stepping out of the house, I increase the volume of the audio player in the house. Perhaps, I want to hear the songs on my way. :)

9:03 AM  
Blogger Grey Shades said...

Hey nice writing you got here. Loved reading the earlier post on ice skating! :)

10:44 AM  
Blogger jhantu said...

extreme cruelty to infants!! definitely, though it does sound very very enticing unless of course the infant is prone to screaming at the top of his/her voice on being subjeted to this cruelty and driving ur larynx and pharynx both to the ground!!

10:01 PM  
Blogger ANKIT said...

"I eat with my left hand. I am never full if I eat with my right hand."

hey,, thats really wierd...!

interesting tag,,will ponder upon it myself soon...!

anywayz nice write up!


1:29 AM  
Anonymous Mario Pereira said...

Cleaning bathrooms at night that is crazy weird.

3:27 AM  
Blogger anumita said...

gabby: Hey, hey, the mother is the most comfortable one. I babysat for over 2 months. Now an efficient maid has taken over. The mother only coos and gurgles and plays a bit and then hand over her baby to us.

priyanka: Your is an interesting list. Smelling the food is a sign of a hard core foodie. I did the first-day-first-show bit in college when bbay didnt have multiplexes where tickets were cheaper and the passion was burning. I pat your back for being able to tell your boss to floss. I wish I could tell that to a boss of mine too. Instead I quit my job.

prerona: Touch wood, this kid doesn't cry whether you wake her up or make her sleep. She smiles toothlessly. Her stressbuster is sucking two of her fingers or her big toe.

atul: Actually that makes me a stubborn lefthander.

chakra: You mean, you play music when you are not at home?

grey shades: Welcome and thank you.

jhantu: Welcome. Yes, it's something I do unconsciously. And the kid is not the bawling variety. So makes it worthwhile.

ankit: Welcome and do give it a shot yourself on your blog. Makes us realise the world is not yet ready to accept our perfectness and instead prefers to label us weird.

mario: Welcome. What to do? Only way to sleep better.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Naan said...

Hi Anumita, I got this link when I was browsing trhu Priyanka's site.
Now this is really interesting... if I were to write abotu my 5 weirdos then it would be something like this:
1. I need to keep counting every 2 minutes the nos. of laps I swam!
2. I need to smell my drink before sippin!
3. People with whom I can't get along I tend to get snooty with those!
4. I eat fish when its not in the shape of fish. ie. I love fish bakes, I love fish & chips but serve me fish curry & I'll fall off my chair!
5. Like wise milk should be either in the form of curd, paneer, rice pudding or whatever... but not the MILK!

11:34 AM  
Blogger Swathi said...

luks like whenever u start blogging i end up getting busy, now i have lotza blogs to catch up on..

n i thot i was the only one who had a compulsive cleanliness disorder :)

njoyed reading ur list of weird stuff -u got guts lady!

6:47 AM  
Blogger anumita said...

swathi: nono, OCD cleaning is not the only thing we share. I often relate to a lot of things on your posts.
And yes, even I patted Priyanka's back. She's got solid guts!

10:00 PM  

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