Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The countdown begins...

This year just flew past. Just a few more hours and it will be over. Never to come back again. It's been a good year, no complaints. A couple of tragedies, a few dark spots but at the end of the year what matters is we have survived it and with élan.

Personally, it gave me a lot... moving on too fast but it will be a while before I manage to understand the complex nature of time, before I can claim to have control over it. And like every year that ends, this one too has done its bit for me.

I have much to look ahead to in the new year. Personally, Professionally. I hope I can touch each of my dreams and desires as I go along. I hope each one of us can... As the day ends, the horizon seems limitless. And there is just that little shimmer that glows outrageously and you know, it's going to be an exciting time ahead.


OpenID asuph said...


I guess one can't give the same compliment again and again -- but then your writing always always leaves behind a feeling of peace, as if the world is much better than it it...

I hope all your dreams are desires are fulfilled. And I hope, very selfishly, that "a few seasons worth" gets more of you this coming year.

Happy new year to you and your loved one.


9:42 PM  
OpenID asuph said...

sheesh! that's what not drinking on a new year's eve does to you. so many typos.

it it => it is
are desires > and desires
one => ones



7:34 AM  
Blogger anumita said...

asuph: Thanks. I think after reading our blogs for so long it's like we know each other well and that's why you think the way you do :) but yes, i do want to write much more.
Happy new year to you too, my friend.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Saltwater Blues said...

Best wishes to you for '09!


7:28 PM  
Blogger Arunima said...

happy new year!

9:22 AM  
Blogger Vaibhav said...

Happy New Year to u dear,
May 09 be the best for u

4:24 PM  
OpenID asuph said...


you're absolutely right about the feeling of "knowing". but still, i stand by what i say, despite that. i *know* a lot of bloggers, but that doesn't mean i feel the same about their writing.

and yay! i'm feeling hopeful... maybe 2009 is the year of AFSW.

10:16 PM  
Anonymous colours said...

Happy New Year - wish you a year filled with fulfillment of dreams and hope it touches you filling you with happiness.

Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on the blog and I hope you find time to travel this side again this year.

(The word verification has "mingo" - almost close to "bingo").

5:39 PM  
Blogger Mukta said...

happy noo yeah! and why are we mot meeting for pizza or something? by the way, body shop has a sale going on! lets check it out!

4:57 PM  
Blogger Mukta said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Sachin said...

Happy New Year! Yours was the first blog I ever read and must say it became a kind of benchmark I compared blogs I read subsequently with. I must also say it inspired me to start a blog of my own as well - though am not prolific I am pretty satisfied with the amount I write on it. Thank you!

Over time, your frequency of blogging has reduced. So hoping 2009 will see you write a lot more. Cheers!

2:51 PM  
Blogger Arunima said...

New Year has begun. new post please.

10:39 PM  
Blogger marc said...

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12:17 AM  
Blogger Aparna said...


From what I read, you don't enjoy tagging. So ofcourse, you don't have to pass this on (or feel free to), but please accept my Butterfly Award to you :)


12:45 PM  
Blogger anumita said...

happy new year to all of you. i definitely want to write more this year.
aparna, thanks for the award. but am i supposed to do something with it...?

3:28 PM  
Blogger Pallavi said...

How is the new job ? And I love purple and solo shopping sprees.. hahaha !!

2:00 PM  

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