Friday, November 19, 2004

A birthday again!

Another day. Another birthday. It's indeed a beautiful feeling. Everybody has been nice. Some unexpected people have wished. Some expected have not. Not to sulk. There will always be another one next year. And it gives me something to remind them of and make them feel guilty the whole year through.

With so much of excitement and exhaustive socialising during the diwali weekend, I had my fill and was content to let the birthday slip by, unannounced. It is not to be...

Hubby as usual sprung his surprise. I tried telling him patiently that when you throw the same surprise every year, it's no longer a surprise. I was dragged out of bed at midnight. Wished with full gusto, could hear loud western classical music (his favourite), made to blow the little candle on the cake (I had already had a peek at the cake in the fridge before dinner and was just running my forefinger over the cream to lick it, when I heard hubby's footsteps and quickly slammed the fridge door shut), then I cut the cake as hubs sang. Post that, he ran to get the carefully wrapped and hidden gift and card. The gift which is always some piece or pieces of clothing which as usual will be exchanged by me the next day.

Read the card. Must admit, it's cute. I especially love the stuff he writes himself. Then asked him for the shop where he got the pants or capris or whatever the gift is called. He said I looked cute in it. Hmm... don't particularly like his idea of 'cute'. Then he said, French models wear it. That sealed my decision. I carefully peeled it off my body and put it back in the bag. "So what else does this stupid shop have? Something that I can get in exchange for this?"

He opened a bottle of red wine and linked his arm with mine to have the first sip. I did the same. Finally I could go back to bed. In the morning, I was woken by the the bouquet delivery boy. No surprise again but I just love flowers. Then he made me my favourite breakfast - eggs done just right, hot garlic bread and orange juice. Not used to eating so much on other days when I rush to catch my office bus, I haven't been able to eat anything else the whole day.

At work too, people called me everything from sun to sunflower to just cute. Curtsy, my bright bright yellow dress. I think people are dying to put on their goggles when they face me except for the fact that it's my birthday and they had made up their minds not to be rude, at least today. I was also surprised at the numerous gifts that have come to me from the colleagues. Namely scented candles, scented candles, a candle stand, a lamp shade, a few other things and more candles. This is leading me to ask around, if my life looks like a big black hole that I need so much light around!

Now hubby wants the whole lot of people who wished me to come home for a party. That's his idea. "Call the ones who remembered and wished you. I am organizing something." His organizing skills scare me. He goes to extremes to make it a nice evening. And for him, that's quite an effort. I don't want him doing all that. Bro too has flown into the country, though not in my city yet. I wouldn't mind an encore of those old birthdays in the hostel, when the family dinners happened. It was a tradition to spend birthdays together, at least us siblings.

Sigh! So many birthdays till now... so many years gone by. With people wishing me many more, I hope I can go through each one of them with all my favourite people around and all the surprises I have so come to love.


Blogger poonam said...

exceptionally cute! now i want to meet mr anumita and ask him would he, by any chance, know anyone like him who is still single :)
anyway, glad to hear you had a great day yesterday. i almost forgot but then did not (silly, esp since i pre-remembered!). thank heavens, now i will not miss not being invited (did i just invite myself?) ;)

3:22 PM  
Blogger anumita said...

Poonam: Like I told you before, the grass is looking greener here. Hehehe! You wouldn't want a clone of hubs! And you are always INVITED. As long as you are ready to step out of your planet!

2:59 PM  
Blogger Mustbenuts said...

Happy birthday! And have to say your husband sounds like a dream!

9:40 AM  
Blogger anumita said...

mustbenuts: thank you. i think i made the husband sound too good. actually he's nice to me only on my birthday which comes once a year! the rest of the year i do all that he does on that one day. i hope he's not reading this!!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Pallavi said...

I am sure you had a great birthday !! LOLOL

2:15 PM  

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