Thursday, November 11, 2004

Public views

This little space which I never thought I would have the nerve to share with anyone is open now. I started out thinking some things are better left alone, left to be... free... unheard and unknown - like my blog.

Today, I don't know why but the wish to share, to feel, to reach out, to be a part of, has taken over me. And impulsively, I am tearing away all the privacy settings that bound this page all this while. Not that there ever was anything earthshattering to read or even gifted writing skills to admire. Like always, it was my comfort level that came in the way of sharing a page that I thought was so personal.

So here I am. Out of my hole and squinting at so much light around! HAPPY DIWALI!!!


Blogger poonam said...

hey girl, stop squinting and start looking. pretty nice posts. read all at one go. you are sensible and warm-hearted. shows!
p.s. dint go for the play. aarti too couldnt make it and i need sleep. :)

8:23 PM  

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