Friday, November 26, 2004

Flutivate heals

A long time back, I was told to be careful of fire. By a very wise man. I think he was an astrologer. Since then, at any given point in time, I am happily sporting one or the other burnt mark on assorted parts of my body.

I invite burns. Boiling water on the leg, dipping my 3 fingers into hot oil, little dark spots of oil marks on my arms, oil sprinkles on my face too... strike a match and forget to put it off before the fire reaches my thumb and forefinger... wow! A little shelf in my kitchen permanently houses 'Flutivate', the cure cream for burns.

The usual routine. Carelessly get burnt. Yelp loudly (if hubby is around), he comes running, looks seriously at burn, "where? where?" mouths the usual "I tell you to stay out of the kitchen!", races to get handkerchief, ties ice cubes in it and holds it over burnt area. After some time hands the dripping bundle over to me to hold. Reaches out for Flutivate.

If hubby is not around - no yelp, rush to basin, run water over burn, yank chunk of ice out of freezer and hold it over burn. Apply Flutivate. Then call hubby. "I am coming home. You stay out of the kitchen!"

But thankfully, Flutivate always cures. As good as new. I swear by it. Since that time.

It was Holi day. I hate the messy colours. Hate what it does to the skin. Hide when others invite or come home to get me to play. That day, we locked ourselves well inside the house hoping the neighbours would think we were already out. When the screams, laughter and music got too loud, I peered below, cautiously, from my 4th floor window. It was a riot. Couldn't recognize anyone. They all had black, purple or red faces. Colours everywhere. Four humans were carrying a fifth (I assumed it was a human), each holding one limb, towards the swimming pool. Splash!!! The poor thing was in. The clear water changed colour. Everybody was hysterically clapping, jumping or laughing. I took my chance. Got a bucket of water and emptied it below. It felt good.

Thought we too should celebrate. "Puris for lunch?" asked hubby. "Why not?" Rolled them out. Was about to drop the first puri in to fry, instead accidently dropped a small glass I was holding into the oil. It broke. Created a splash. Most of the boiling oil was on my face and neck. Screamed (much much louder than the usual yelp!), hubby sprints and freeze, recovering rush for ice, not enough in the freezer, run to neighbours, they are out, run to the floor below and the one below that, pound on every door on the way, finally come back with 2 big boxes of ice.

It's hurting and burning like hell. Still screaming, "I am scarred for life!" Hubby goes to buy medicines. Drives around like crazy. Every store is shut. Comes back with neighbours in tow. They realize we were home all this time. And so the suspicious bucket of water was indeed hurled from our window. I try to look calm and maintain my dignity. Everybody peers closely. "Should be fine." I look hurt. "Okay, let's take you to the hospital." I crawl into the neighbour's car with snow-white seats (hubby is too shaken to drive) one hand holding the ice pack to my face. A round nurse smiles and nods. A mean shot in the bum and some cream was prescribed. I felt better. By evening, I had a red burning face. Go out for dinner.

Next day, the swollen part becomes darker. I go to office. Couldn't miss out on the sympathy. Covered half my face with a dupatta to dramatically unveil to curious colleagues. Hubby spends the day enquiring about doctors. Takes appointments with 2 of them. The first one takes some time to see us. So we rush to another part of town to meet the second. That was a good decision. She's the best. Took one look. Wrote down some medicines, Flutivate among them.

In 2-3 days the skin started to dry, got darker. I was soon roaming around ala Zeenat Aman in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Hubby started enquiring about plastic surgeons, just in case. Then the skin was peeling off. Bit by bit. Scary. Finally every bit of burnt skin was off and I had a new face. As good as my old. Not a shred of the ugly evidence left. All in less than a month.

I have been refering my doctor to everyone. Most of my friends have been to her and are happy. She doesn't want to keep meeting her patients over and over again and does a lot of consulting on the phone (when most others insist you stop by, even when not really required, just so the fees be paid). I have been prescribing Flutivate to one and sundry, as far as Dubai and New York too. And they have all thanked me. Recently, it helped my mum's stomach heal fast when she spilled hot water over it.

Must tell the wise man, when and if I meet him next, that Flutivate could fit into his astrology as a strong must-have, when he next makes a prediction, similar to mine.


Blogger poonam said...

i concur: you stay out of the kitchen. :)

12:15 AM  
Blogger mittal said...

would you please email the description of the medicine you are using? to :

my daughter , she is 3 years old, she has 3 pcs white spot on the chest , I have checked with others, the FLUTIVATE skin cream is good for that , but it is not available in KUWAIT.


7:33 PM  
Blogger tapas said...

Can you plz mail me ur doctors number or any contact id at

2:26 PM  
Anonymous ritu randhawa said...


1:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how long did it take with flutivate to complete cure?

10:45 PM  

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