Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A good weekend, a bad end...

Last night, we lost our cell phones. Both of us. Both the phones. One thief. Right in front of my eyes.

Was driving back home at 10.30pm. Thought I should have some fresh air. So rolled the windows down, stretched out, relaxed. Stopped at a traffic signal. The next moment I saw a fat arm sweep in, snatch at the phones on the dashboard and run. I was too shocked.

"Hey, phone... chor.... o my god!!"

Hubby struggled with his seat belt and ran after the thief. But he was gone. I followed with the car. People stared, pointed, looked and stared again. Nobody moved. Not a finger. They just stopped and watched.

Realised it would be futile to go to the cops. Didn't even see the bugger's face. Felt like it was not happening to us. So filmi. It was helplessness, frustration, anger, sweeping both of us. All at once. With long faces, we told each other, it didn't matter. It was perhaps meant to be. Like a tragedy. Uninvited and unprecedented.

We realised we were close to the shop where we usually check out cell phones. Went there, found it open and bought 2 new phones. An expense we could have done without. But had to get on. Now comes the most tiring part. Getting hold of all the numbers. I wept silently over the loss of the 80 plus saved messages that I would never read again. I wept for numbers I perhaps will never find again.

All this after a lovely weekend in a long time. Celebrated bro's birthday with friends not met in ages. Socialized and danced till we were thrown out of the club with its deadline. Spent most of saturday together with bro till he flew out of bbay. Went shopping with hubby, in one of his moods where he wants to buy me everything. Dined out on delicious pizzas and chicken dosas. On lazy Sunday, read for some time, made irish coffee and popped some butter corn, and watched 3 brilliant movies...

... and ended with a nightmare in the night.

The saga continued in the morning with the music room door slamming itself shut. No amount of pushing, shoving or throwing ourselves on it, helped. Not even cruelly twisting the key. I was thankful I wasn't inside. So that calls for axing the door or getting the carpenter to work magic. Or maybe we can just do without the room and the stuff there...

What next? Makes me wonder if we are one of those that can't take too much of a good thing...


Blogger Pallavi said...

good lord that was a shock... how could they !!!

2:20 PM  
Blogger jon said...

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11:42 AM  
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