Monday, May 25, 2009

choose your colours and paint the rainbow

Sometimes things are so impossibly beautiful that it gets difficult to accept them. Today is one such day. Perfect.

Fluffy clouds intermittently hide a blue sky, letting the sun play peek-a-boo. I get up and survey the mess in the house. Without a maid, it's getting difficult to maintain a squeaky clean home. Last night’s dinner mats are still lying on the dining table. The kitchen sink is half full of dirty dishes. The sunlight is passing through the green beaded curtain and each bead is looking like a jewel.

I get down to clearing the mess and cooking some food. And as any manic Monday requires I am rushing through breakfast, grabbing my keys and am in the car for the long drive to work. Driving to work is a tricky thing now. While some days I make it comfortably and walk in smiling at everyone, there are days when the tall glasses of water and juices I have in the mornings catch up with me. I pray for traffic to disappear and my bladder to hold. But on an over-one-hour drive, prayers need miracles too.

The now familiar roads allow the luxury of observation. The fiery gulmohurs along a stretch, the rows of streetlights aligned neatly when I drive on the extreme right. A little change in the road position and the alignment changes! And then the weather, oh, so beautiful! I love it that every day is different. I long to go with the changes... why should I be doing the same thing when everything else changes, when seasons too change...?

Shouldn't I have filled up my life when I am ready to exit this world? Forget the bladder, the backpain is getting serious. I need to take care of it, heal it once and for all. Or maybe I should just try and do other things and have the backpain disappear on its own. That's what happened the last time.

For now, the pleasure is in this gorgeous day and towards different planes ahead.


Blogger venkat said...

Anumita,You must have gone to a doctor and tried analgesics,muscle relaxants,back patches and creams and lotions to rub for your back pain relief.Doctor might have tested any infections.If you did all those things,you may want to check this book. " 8 steps to a pain free back" by Esther manohar Gokhale.She has an institute in California.Please google it.It has reviews.When I was in India recently,one of my relatives complained about his back pain problems. I came across this book through a Book club and sent to him.It was about 2 weeks ago and I did not hear about it from him yet.So Please google ,see it is of any help to you.Good Luck.

12:47 pm  
Blogger anumita said...

thanks venkat, i ll definitely have a look at the book.

1:08 pm  
Anonymous Gangadhar said...

Off the topic, Anu..
Please join the discussion here,


7:15 pm  
Blogger agent green glass said...

I love it that every day is different. I long to go with the changes... why should I be doing the same thing when everything else changes, when seasons too change...? - brilliant, you echo what i feel. some of it sounded so like my life.thank you for dropping by...i'll be back.

9:43 am  
Blogger Sangita said...

Sounds so good & we are having hot mutinous days here..Back problems are bad how do u drive so much doesnt that makes it worse?

8:34 pm  
Anonymous colours said...

Lovely... just my feelings exactly on happy days which gets more often :). Clouds do give a feeling of each day being different and so does the trees, music, weather.

Do take care of your back :) and hope it gets better.

2:52 am  
Blogger Abhishek said...

On this earth...change is the only thing that is constant.
You'll be fine. Take care :)

5:59 pm  
Blogger Kay said...

I hope you continue to "choose your colours and paint the rainbow" and enjoy doing it.... I certainly enjoy reading your blog!

Take care and get well soon.

12:31 am  
Blogger anumita said...

agent green glass: most of us feel the same, i have realised :)

sangita: it does get bad. but i cannot have anyone else drive my car and sit calmly :(

colours: yes, it does, am always enchanted by the different times of the day and the hues.

abhishek: thanks.

kay: thanks, i will.

10:25 pm  
Anonymous det-res said...

Do what you have to do, but do not ignore the pain. I hope you feel better soon.

No pain=no problem may not be the best way forward.

3:51 am  
Blogger AMIT said...

Here is the season of rainbow now.Good post.

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12:53 pm  
Blogger omsai said...

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5:43 pm  
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