Saturday, November 26, 2005

Salom Egypt!

And finally bro in law left to join sis and baby in the US.

And finally I am off to Egypt for a holiday with hubby.

I am excited about walking on the banks of the Nile tonight. And tomorrow I shall stand at the same spot as Alexander the Great and gaze at the pyramids in Giza.

There is much to do and much to see in the next few days.

And when I come back, I will be a changed person having seen an ancient history. Not to mention the change in gait as I try to walk like an Egyptian!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

living a lavender dream...

Hubby filled the house with gorgeous orchids on my birthday.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

A star is born

This was my best birthday ever. I became a first time aunt. My sis delivered a little baby girl on my birthday.

We weren't prepared. She went to the US for a week on work, seven and a half months pregnant. She even wished me for my birthday and the next thing we hear was, she was uneasy, got hospitalised and delivered her baby there.

First we were shocked. Then overjoyed. Then reality sinks in. She is stuck there for the next 3 months at least. Bro in law is trying to get there as soon as possible. My parents back home are worried. Mom's going on repeating "I knew she shouldn't have been working and travelling so much. My poor child! Giving birth all alone in that strange country!"

This thus was my craziest party. I had no clue what was happening. Happiness gripped me as I struggled for sanity. The gang and some more turned up. I got lovely gifts and rude comments. Hubby wins hands down for drinking the most. Not that anyone was sponsporing a prize. But he probably felt nobody deserves to drink his booze more than he himself. The food was fantastic and the evening turned out lovely.

Thank you God, for a brand new scorpio niece, who all my friends are praying doesn't turn out to be like me!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

no need to RSVP

My friend R calls.

"So big bash and all, heh! Celebrating birthday in style!!"

"Who, me?"

"**** just called me now..."

Turning to the hubby "Did you call R?"

Nods resignedly.

R quickly hangs up, realising. " Listen, listen, I am getting late. Will speak to you later."

I just love the fact that all my friends can be so trusted upon to keep a secret.

So there. Hubby is throwing a 'surprise' party tomorrow. All are invited. Can sleep over if cannot walk home straight.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A juicy story

The sun couldn't have been brighter. It was a typical sunday. When you donned a cotton sleeveless tee and capris, perched your goggles on your nose and went to the supermarket, and to finish all odd jobs left for the weekend. As a kid, we went for fresh veggies that the villagers came to sell under the bridge. We did grow our own but Dad had to make that trip. Then I washed the car with dad and the highlight was splashing water with the long hosepipe. Sometimes there was an oil massage in winter, then a shower followed by a lovely lunch.

Anyway last sunday, it was past noon when we headed back home. I waited as hubby again stopped to buy a door handle he wanted to fix himself. My left arm was tanned dark from sitting on the left side. It was getting very hot inside the car. On the side of the road I spotted a stall, under an umbrella which hardly served the purpose of shading its owner. An earthern pot, a tall steel can, an ice box and a tray of glasses. It was a nimbu paani stall, serving chilled lime juice.

A little lad, not more than 7 years old stood behind. He squeezed juice into a glass, dropped cubes of ice from the box, sprinkled salt n spice, poured water from the can with a long handled ladle, and finally placing an empty glass upside down over the other glass, gave it a good cocktail shake. Then with a smile handed it to his thirsty customer. I saw him make several glasses. Each time he pocketed a coin. Each time he would rinse the used glass in a little bucket of water and drop the lime rinds into a plastic bag. Very meticulous.

Three tiny boys walked close and started talking to him. They hung around while he served his customers. Finally he got a little breather and poured himself a glass of water to drink. The kids looked at him longingly. I saw him raise one hand and gesture to the three little boys to wait. The next moment he dug into the plastic bag and got out used lime rinds and squeezed them again. He added ice, water and made a tall glass of juice. He halved it and handed the two glasses to the little ones. Delight beamed on their faces. They downed the glasses, wiped their faces and went their way. The 7 year old juice maker rinsed the glasses clean.

Then came a big fellow and the little one stepped aside after handing over four notes and a few coins. The big fellow counted and recounted the money. The little one stood with an outstretched hand. Finally the big fellow placed a 5 rupee note and a coin into his hand. The small guy pocketed the money and with an air of someone who has conquered the world, held up his hand to stop traffic and ran across the street.

I was fascinated. Hubby got back with the door handle and I narrated everything. "It's really sad! You mean all he got was 5 or 6 rupees for standing in the sun and making juice!!"

Now I never thought of that. The little kid looked so happy with his earnings. What particularly struck me was his kindness and his confidence. And I am very sure this is one kid who will make it big one day, very big. I wish I asked for his name.

By the way, how many of us earned anything when we were seven, or for that matter even knew how to make lime juice?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

more diwali musings...

Diwali truly means food. And more food. It started a few days back. First we shopped a lot. We ate out a lot. Then we had people over for dinner. I wore a saree, lit all the colourful lights on the balconies. Then we ate, drank, talked, laughed, and ate again. Very late in the night, we would crash into bed and think of all that we would do and the stuff we would eat the next day.

Pallavi and Rocky arrived yesterday. On their bike. It is so good to see them after so long. Hubby and Rocky are like little boys again. In the night, they had a dinner invitation. So we dropped them and went off to play cards with the family and friends at sis's house. The food was terrific and hubby won all the rounds. Sadly the money didn't change hands. Everybody conveniently forgot and when I asked hubby on the way back to hand it all to me, he said he never got any! Sheesh!! We didn't even know some of their guests so no chance of ever recovering the winning money.

Anyway, since, these days I am trying to click pictures all the time, I am putting up one more. Of the kitchen threads which 2 people liked in the previous post (I sometimes am guilty of flogging a dead horse). And the painting beside done by hubby's little nephew.