Monday, June 16, 2008

I me myself

A tag by bluespriite.

I am: realistically optimistic

I think: often of all the people who have touched my life and gone...

I know: a lot of things instinctively

I want: to die before all my loved ones

I have: realised happiness is a state of mind, for that matter most feelings are...

I wish: I can have chilled food and drinks once in a while without my throat giving up on me

I hate: insincerity, dishonesty, liars, dirty houses, messy beds, harsh lights

I miss: a time long ago when there were stars on a summer's night, with fireflies glowing in the dark and the midnight blue sky bursting with tales

I fear: ghosts

I feel: alone at times but not lonely

I hear: the sound of laughter, the tinkling of old memory

I smell: the freshness of washed clothes

I crave: sometimes for Mom's tomato & eggs that served as comfort food as a child

I search: for the girl I was, for the woman I wanted to be

I wonder: about how people would react when I die

I regret: a little about blogging with my real name

I love: travelling to unknown unseen places, and coming back home

I ache: when I see old people helpless, supportless

I care: much about saving trees, water, energy, food

I am not: as unapproachable or as unfriendly as people think me to be

I believe: I can change things

I dance: in spirit and how!

I sing: totally out of tune

I cry: during patriotic speeches

I don’t always: feel like meeting people or even talking

I fight: when I am wronged or I see someone helpless being wronged

I write: to feel better, to keep records

I win: silently... quietly...

I lose: my patience with certain people

I never: take anyone for granted anymore

I always: wondered what the future had in store for me... with whom... where...

I confuse: names, numbers and faces

I listen: more than I speak

I can usually be found: by myself

I am scared: to even breathe when I don't want a moment to pass, don't want the spell to break

I need: my space

I am happy about: the people and all that I have in my life

I imagine: Bombay with neat empty roads, a breezy summer and a snowy winter

I tag: Anyone reading this simply because it's been enjoyable doing it

Thanks bluespriite, it's been a good thinking exercise.