Wednesday, December 06, 2006

electric hair brush

Those who have been reading for some time, know the kind of shocks I give to people and get from people. And today, I felt like yelling, "I have the power!" after leaving someone stunned and white faced.

Was jogging away happily on the treadmill, when the instructor comes up from nowhere and tries to flick back a strand of loose hair from my forehead. I know he has no business to do that. And he got the best lesson of his life, when he sprang back and I too felt a sharp bit of electricity pass through the forehead, and heard a 'bzzzz'.

He looked at me, eyes rounder and bigger than I have ever seen, mouth half open. I laughed evilly.

"Got a shock, huh?"

"Ya, man!! Something like current!"

"That was my hair! Here, try touching my arm?" I offered my left arm menacingly.

He didn't even move. Just stared at me.

"It's called static electricity." I offered with sympathy. I should know. "Happens sometimes. Chill."

"It's never happened with ME! Why then??"

"Just picks on certain people on certain days."

And then the rest of the session passed with me getting just instructions, never a push, lift or a helping hand.