Thursday, February 23, 2006

a prayer

Changes are subtly taking place. I love it all. Things long forgotten are stirring again. Each day is a new beginning.

But there are tough adjustments. Like making it to the gym at the crack of dawn. Waiting to pounce on one of the treadmills. And watching in amazement as new people walk in everyday. Gym in the morning means sweating alongside men. Some really unpleasant smelling ones with no sense of hygiene!

Lord, you have always stood by me in my hour of need. Now please show these men the true meaning of deodorants.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Love is waking up to a scarlet hue

It's been long.

A new job, new perspectives, plenty to catch up on... and the blog suffers.

But finally there is peace in the mind, there is happiness in the heart. There always was. But for now this feels better.

I still recall writing the last valentine post, and here I am, a few days later, writing another one. Or is it really a year later? Such is the way I am riding on time.

It's been a lovely day. My man made me breakfast. Yes, it's something to gloat about after days of slaving away. The maid's on long leave and forgotten to come back. The usual surprise flowers woke me up. I got lovely additions to the wardrobe.

And finally, a lovely dinner, wearing new clothes from head to toe. Must admit I turned quite a few heads as I walked.

Coming up in the elevator, I sighed and planted a sleepy kiss on hubby. "Another valentine's day over... it's been lovely..."

"Ya, baby... hey what's this? OH MY GOD! It's the price tag on your shirt! You have been walking around with that thing hanging behind you!!!"