Saturday, October 07, 2006

Little Hitler

I was not a bully but when it came to M, I couldn't help it. She was a fat kid with a fatter younger sister, fair skinned with 2 coconut trees on her head, had rich parents and whined a lot.

One of my negative qualities that beats all others is not having enough patience. With certain people. This quality has been with me since childhood. So M wanted to hang around with us in school. I didn't care even if she did but I didn't like her yellow nails. They were untidy and stained yellow. Her right hand particularly. I remember asking her if food in her house had a lot of turmeric and if she ate with her hand for hours thus staining her ugly nails. I wonder how she passed the weekly inspections in school.

Oh, I remember she also had yellow teeth with layers of dirt. Like you didn't ever use a brush on them. It grossed the hell out of me. But I didn?t say anything to her about that.

Another of my quality is that I always attract people I do not like. The same people I have no patience for. M followed me around a lot. As a roly poly kid, she couldn't run about much, and when she sometimes tried to climb the walls and slide down the banisters after me, she hurt herself.

And then I remember the most wicked thing I loved doing. I would ask her to place her foot on a small step we had near the door of our classroom. She would do as told and I would stamp my tiny little foot on hers with a thud. She would yell in pain while I laughed and ran away. I could be a cruel child straight out of Lord of the Flies. She never complained and I got away with it all the time. Well, all the time because, she was stupid enough to let me do it everyday.

Sometimes I think back and wonder how I could have been so evil. While my mother proudly narrates stories of a rare kindness and sensitivity I possessed as a child, I keep wondering what brought about this freaky mean streak with M. I really owe M an apology. Sometime back I met her and recounted it all with due regret and guilt. She seemed to have no idea what I was talking about. She only remembers good times with me and how I have been a great friend to her.

I am thinking how some people can put even a dog to shame when it comes to loyalty.