Saturday, September 08, 2007

a few of my fav pics

Round and round we go... spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum.

Chameleons at a park in Amsterdam. Yesyes, they are fake!

A street performer in Paris, tapdancing. She plugged her ipod to a speaker and the street boomed with the music while she danced away.

A view of a London Eye capsule, the Thames and a Salvador Dali exhibition sign far below. Taken from our capsule on top.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Men Myths - Part 1

Myth: Men don't bitch


Male colleagues come back from a client's office.

"God! That place is full of women. I feel bad for the 3 guys that work there!"


"Imagine being surrounded by women with attitude all the time!"

"What attitude?"

"Bah! The general women attitude."

"Aren't they lucky males ?!!"

"What lucky! Poor things, seeing women everywhere every time!"

"Well, isn't it the same here?"


"Just the other way round. I am the lone woman surrounded by all you men!"

"Yes, but we got just one woman with attitude to deal with!"

"Really! Whoever said men don't bitch should meet you guys!"

"Nah! We can't bitch because all men are dogs."

Huge uproar and guffaws follow.


Myth: Men are easy going


"It's past 6 and I am switching off the AC mains. Besides we should do something against global warming." I mutter as I walk out.

"No, don't!" A male voice protests.

"Well, I can't function on frozen brains."

I am back after pushing up the giant switch.

"Ah! Much better."

"For you!"

"No, there is a girl S is interviewing and I can see her shivering too."

"Where? What is she wearing?"

"I didn't notice."

Why not?"

"Why would I look at what a girl is wearing?"

Two male voices rise up, "But girls always notice that about each other."

"Well, I don't notice girls' clothes."

"Why not? What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing. I just DON'T, okay?"

"You would notice a girl without clothes?"

"Ya... no... just shut up... let me work!"

Loud guffaws and desk thumping follow.