Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Abstract rant

I must confess that we socialize a fair bit. Some think it's the ideal life to lead. Work hard, party harder. What else could you ask for? Friends with new babies in their lives envy the 'carefree' life we still lead. Others crib about other problems in their lives.

I have my share too. Don't want to digress to those but on the topic of socializing, on the downside, it leaves no room for quality time to ourselves. The conversations with the husband are often over the phone or while driving somewhere together. But we try to multitask, we try to fit everything in its place. I wont deny that the evenings spent with friends are great stressbusters and we look forward to them. So what if we don't get time to do grocery for the week. Yes, time seems to be the precious keyword here. There are things we can do without money but there's nothing we can do without time. That's how indispensable it is! I also know that in the last 7-8 years I have been more busy than any time in my life.

Surprisingly, as most of my posts reveal, I have more memories of the earlier years of my life than the last couple of years. Those were years spent with light hearted laughter and counting every new leaf on a tree and every new rosebud that bloomed. Days of hide and seek, and nights of dark room when parents jested and talked at leisure with other parents.

These are years that have shortened, and left me with too much to do, even to simply just carry on living. Of working manically and partying later to justify the severity. Sometimes there are observations of having too many friends but not recognizing enough relatives. Of not knowing the family well enough.

Maybe I don't. For I don't know the line that divides them. Family and friends. Who can qualify as what. As times passes, I am the only constant factor. People are in my life and out of it. Physically I mean. I am not with the same set of people I was with 20 years ago, or 10 years back. I have loved them and allowed life to change, fondly longing for them again.

But I also know there is no looking back. Today, this is my life, these are my people. They may not all be related by birth or marriage but these are who I share my life with, my dreams with. This is probably where I will one day take my last breath. And these are the very people who will hold my hand then.