Friday, June 29, 2007

A good enough reason for divorce

Someone recently confided that she cannot bear to live with the man she married almost 5 years back. There's nothing they share, she says. Taste, interests, opinions, preferences, backgrounds… nothing common at all. I didn't ask why she married him in the first place then. It would have served no purpose.

And one more reason is that she feels let down. For he not going according to plans they made together about their future. Plans they made after she pulled him out of severe crisis and got his business back on its feet.

She is looking for a way out but is worried because of the one and a half year old baby they have. I remind her she needs to be independent first for she did give up working when she became a mother. Also bringing up a child as a single mother is not too easy.

I totally understand what she's going through. I know exactly what she means when she says that she cannot discuss even little everyday things like her music, her painting, with him, all of which she was so passionate about at one time. I admire that she has the guts to be honest with herself.

It set me thinking about the reasons that marriages are breaking up for these days. Not adultery (she forgave him that 2 years back!), not domestic violence, but something that's present in most relationships – lack of connectivity.