Friday, February 22, 2008

22nd Feb 1998

"Are you going to be late getting back from work tomorrow...?"

"Huh... no... I don't know... why? Any plans?"

"Ya, I wanted to take you out for dinner and a late night movie after that."

"Cool! I will come back by 8 or so!"

I was wondering why the plan came about. Maybe it was to offer some respite for my week after week of punishing hours at work. The hours are just getting late-r and late-r. The day before I reached home at 11.30 and I could see he was sulking a bit. I was working on the Saturday too and on a working day, the routine goes... wake up... rush to the gym if I don't have to run to work at 7.30am, get back... shower... rush for work. The evening routine is reversed. Get out of work late... reach home... shower... while he heats the dinner, eat (really late again, very unhealthy I know but I hardly have a choice)... try to read, watch a DVD... but fall asleep promptly much after midnight. The only time I realised I am not running and have some time to get my thoughts together is when I am driving to and from work. But I have been using that time for work related and other calls. So again back to zero. Sorry, I digressed.

Later I am asleep when he climbs into bed. Light sleeper that I am, I can make some legible conversation while asleep too.

"You awake?" He asked.


"Do you know it's been 10 years since we first meet... we met on 22nd Feb... and went for that movie... 'My Best Friend’s Wedding..."

"Ya... wow..."

"That's why I want to take you out tomorrow... we'll go have dinner... and then catch a movie... just like that day when we met..."

"You remember so well…?" I am almost wide awake now.

"I remember every thing... I am good with dates." I refrain from reminding him of the times he had forgotten his sister's birthday, his nephew's birthday and some more days. This was a good moment, not to be spoilt with trying to prove him wrong, I tell myself.

"Wow! It's been so long... you are really sweet..."

"And you know what... I am going to wear the same navy blue sweatshirt that I was wearing that day!" He said getting carried away.

"Are we going to Sterling for the movie then?"

"Nono, we'll watch it here and have dinner here..." he mentioned one of his favourite Chinese places.

"Er... are you getting me a gift too?"

"Yes, of course."

And I complain about THIS guy?!! God, punish me!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

care for coffee?

No, the Goa road trip didn't happen. Blame it on the crazy schedule at work which is literally breaking my back. I need to go for that medical check up soon. But I am trying to get a few hours of sleep and trying to handle the freaky Bombay weather.

Last Sunday, we were driving around town. At one of the most sexy places in the city where a bridge over the sea is also in progress for the last many many years, we stopped to take in a few moments of pristine view in the late evening.

The biting chill immediately slapped us hard. The breeze was strong and I zipped up my jacket and let my hair block the cold pinch at my neck and ears. I warmed my hands inside the jacket pocket and watched hubby do the same.

"I think a steaming cup of coffee will clear my head. Should we just stop over at Barista?" He suggested.

"Good idea." I agreed as I settled on the low railing with my back to the sea and taking in the skyscrapers in front.

We saw more people huddled with winter wear and some gym types trying desperately to stick their muscled chests out, some bared like landscaped rocks till a low point in the body. What is with men cleavages these days!

We saw a young boy with a loaded bicycle stop near this group. He unearthed a huge kettle from inside a covered little stove from his back carrier. Taking out tiny plastic cups, he poured some warm beverage and was serving it around.

"Hey, street coffee after so long!! Let's have some. Wow! Imagine coffee coming to you here!!"Hubby exclaimed.

"Sure." I tried to match the enthusiasm.

He served us two watery sweet but hot cups of coffee for 10 bucks and moved on.

"Poor fellow, carrying the kettle and then selling coffee so cheap…" I went into my life-is-not-fair guilt trip.

"But he's doing brisk business. Have you noticed he's selling to everyone here." Hubby chipped in.

"Yes, but how much can this kettle hold? 30 cups… 40 cups? I mean he can't be making more than 150-200 bucks."

"Ya, but he would refill it and come back."

"But this is the only time in the day and only at this place that people would want to sip coffee. He has to refill really quick…"

Suddenly we both looked at each other and quickly upturned the plastic cups pouring whatever remained, down the slope.

We got back into the car, placed the plastic cups in the little garbage bag inside and drove off with a weird taste in the mouth…

Sunday, February 03, 2008

the male power of driving

We take off on the road quite a bit. Sometimes it's a long planned out trip and sometimes we just drive off and go on and on, enjoying the feeling. Now even though I regularly drive to work and other places, when we go out anywhere together, it's always the hubby who's at the steering wheel. Unless he's very tired or had a drink, especially since the bombay cops are strictly on the lookout for drunk drivers.

The latest was a plan to drive to Goa for the carnival. Suddenly hubby asked if we should instead be flying down as it would be easier and comfortable too. Plane tickets in a day? Yes, they are available and reasonable priced too, thanks to the huge choices of budget airlines.

"But I still think it's going to be better if we drive. We 'll have the car to roam around there." I reason.

"Ya, I agree. But I was just thinking if I am ready to set out tomorrow morning and drive 11-12 hours straight..."

"You know, we could take my car if you want. I am used to it and I could drive halfway too."

"That's not possible. I am never comfortable when you drive."

"What do you mean? I have been driving much longer than you. And on an average I drive much more than you, in the thickest of bombay traffic!"

"I know you do. No doubts about it, I think you are a good driver."

"Then what's it? Why dont you trust me?"

"I don't know. But I never sit still when you drive. I am too nervous. I am always waiting for my destination."

"Nobody can help you then!!"

I think some men are just meant to be drivers and drive their woman around!