Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The countdown begins...

This year just flew past. Just a few more hours and it will be over. Never to come back again. It's been a good year, no complaints. A couple of tragedies, a few dark spots but at the end of the year what matters is we have survived it and with élan.

Personally, it gave me a lot... moving on too fast but it will be a while before I manage to understand the complex nature of time, before I can claim to have control over it. And like every year that ends, this one too has done its bit for me.

I have much to look ahead to in the new year. Personally, Professionally. I hope I can touch each of my dreams and desires as I go along. I hope each one of us can... As the day ends, the horizon seems limitless. And there is just that little shimmer that glows outrageously and you know, it's going to be an exciting time ahead.