Thursday, June 04, 2009

a fool's paradise

Only fools quit their jobs and go holidaying in Greece. One day, it struck me that I shall be rushing to work every morning and coming back late every night and it will go on and on for years till I die. So I straightened my broken back and walked in to tell my gem-of-a-boss that I wished to leave. He gave me a world of options that I didn't deserve, to go on working. I was tempted but thinking again I realized it wouldn't be fair to look at options of working less when I still have so much to learn. So I did the unthinkable in these recessionary times.

Please refrain from thinking this time will be used only for leisures and pleasures. It'll also be devoted to strengthening the weak back, the one I cannot even sit straight with or stand or sleep. There is a constant pain that nags all the time. So I shall pay heed to "health is wealth" and concentrate on being ultra fit and able to run the marathon in Houston next year.

Till then I am off to explore a little corner of the world, Greece, with a few days in Turkey on my way back. Coming, anyone?